Chiropractic Testimonials

"I came to Back to Health Chiropractic and Wellness Center because I had been sick constantly for two years. I had contracted a fungal infection called Valley Fever on a trip to Arizona, lt took a long time to figure out what was wrong with me. After many tests and 13 months of antibiotics, I was left very weak and on an inhaler. I couldn't breathe well, I was unable to participate in my favorite activities; hiking with family, line dancing, and I couldn't carry on a conversation without having to stop and catch my breath. I was also having neck and shoulder pain, and arm numbness. I was told by an Ultrasound tech at War Memorial Hospital about Dr. Rick and that I needed to go see him to get my body Detoxed. So I started my journey with Dr. Rick and Homeopathy and Chiropractic Treatment.

I have to tell you, after the first week of Dr. Rick's personalized plan, I was off of my inhaler. By week 4, I was feeling a lot better. lt has been all downhill from there' I feel so much better. I am line dancing, outdistancing my husband on our hikes in the woods, and able to enjoy my family activities, and all of my crafts, which I couldn't do with the arm numbness. And now my husband says I talk too much. I have not had a cold or flu, or any illness since I started my journey back to health in April of 2013, after a Lifetime of pneumonia at least annually and multiple colds every year. Also, Valley Fever stays dormant in the body forever, so keeping my immune system strong is the best defense against a flare-up. I have no symptoms currently, because I keep to a maintenance plan with homeopathy and chiropractic.

I would highly recommend Dr. Rick and his knowledge of how to boost a body's health and immunity, as well as keeping the spine in good shape and pain-free to anyone not feeling their best."

- Nancy Opolka, Goetzville Ml

"I truly cannot say enough about Back to Health Chiropractic and Dr. Parissenti. He is extremely thoughtful, inspiring and deeply compassionate, not to mention very informed and very educated. Dr. Parissenti is by far the best chiropractor I have ever been to. After years of dealing with old traumas, I never thought that I would find relief, let alone healing. One of the most important parts of the healing process is understanding how and why the things are occurring the way they do. Dr. Parissenti makes sure that every patient understands the entire process, the diagnosis and the reason why the treatment is necessary. I highly recommend Dr. Parissenti to anyone who has been reluctant to visit a chiropractor or anyone who has previously visited one and did not have a good experience. He and his staff are the best!"

- Stacy Storey, Sault Sainte Marie, Ml

"I came to Back to Health with extreme pain in my low back, hip and leg. I had been in a motor vehicle accident where I had been injured. I had been to several doctors and another local chiropractor with no results. I was trying to work and live my life with this pain and was considering back surgery as an option and worse, disability. t was having difficulty doing my job and household chores. When I came to see Dr. Parissenti, I was not very hopeful. He examined me and worked up a treatment plan using spinal decompression for my lumbar herniated disc and spinal stenosis, as well as using spinal manipulation. I agreed to start his treatment plan, and we began. Now I am able to
work and live without pain. I frequently recommend Dr. Parissenti and spinal decompression to others with back pain. lt is a shame that so many people have had spinal surgery without giving decompression therapy and chiropractic treatment a chance."

- Linda Prisk, Sault Ste. Marie, Ml

"I had stiff neck and lower back pain every day for 40 years. I always hurt. I now have 100% improvement range of motion in my neck and I can get out of a chair and walk without pain and looking like I was a 100 year old man. IF YOU WANT RELIEF FROM PAIN AND DISCOMFORT BACK TO HEALTH CHIROPRACTIC IS THE PLACE TO GO."

- Charlie Alexander, Brimley, Ml

"For many years on a daily basis I had lots of lower back and neck pain. Every morning was difficult to get moving and at times I would throw my back out easily. I could sneeze sometimes and my back would go out.

I noticed a new chiropractor had opened in the Sault. I was one of the first patients for Dr. Parissenti. He has changed my back and neck health dramatically. He is the most thorough Chiropractor I have ever had. I do everything better now and enjoy physical exercise. I used to be hesitant to do a lot of physical things before. Not anymore!

I have experienced probably about 90% improvement. I don't think my lower back and neck will ever be L00%. Dr. Parissenti has done a tremendous job with my back and neck health. He and his office assistant are very personable, caring and upbeat people. I VERY MUCH RECOMMEND BACK TO HEALTH"

- Joe Andary, Rudyard, Ml

"I lost 72 pounds.

With other weight loss programs I watched what I ate and limited myself to 1000 calories daily. I felt hungry and could not wait till I reached my goal so I could eat junk (causing weight gain).

This program was actually the easiest thing I have ever done. Dr. Parissenti was always available to answer questions. I never felt like I was doing this alone. He was always there to back and cheer you on. I never had cravings, but there was a fix for that, which I did take as a precaution. There were 2 days I felt hungry and there was a fix for that also. I eat healthy foods and continue to lose weight. My original goal was 80 pounds I have almost reached that goal and never could have done it without Dr. Rick or Gayle. I have experienced t0O% improvement. I feel great, I love myself.


- Gabrielle Behling, Sault Ste. Marie, Ml

"I was run down, fatigue, slightly depressed and in pain from being out of alignment several days a week for years. I had a hard time sleeping it was painful to do much activity.

My mind and body feel tI:O% better. I am walking and standing for longer periods without pain. My range of motion is much better. t feel younger and stronger both mentally and physically.


- Brenda Arbig Sault Ste. Marie, Ml

"I had constant pain for six months or more. I would have to stop every 45 minutes to ice my back. lt definitely impeded my ability to take care of my home and to stand on my feet for any length of time. Even sitting was painful.

My degree of pain was greatly decreased by the end of the 3'd week of treatment. I can now function normally as well as sit comfortably. My ability to stand without pain has greatly improved.

I feel Excellent!!!"

- Clare Trouve', Sault Saint Marie, Ml

"I had lower back pain and pain down my right leg 3 out of 4 weeks every month for over 10 years.

The pain didn't go away. I drive bus and it was getting too painful to do it anymore. Everything has changed, t have no more pain. lt is great to get up in the morning being able to move. I will continue this treatment. I have 100% improvement!"

- Birdie Dillon, Brimley, Ml

"I was experiencing pain in my neck and back and my neck would go out all the time since 1988. I would wake with headaches most of the time and had to be very careful hor,v I turned.

Now I have no pain and I can turn my head. My neck also does not go out on a weekly basis. I can do everything better. I can even wear a helmet now my neck doesn't go out or hurt.

I have 100% improvement and I feel great."

- Denise Deford, Brimley, MI

"I had pain in my hip leg and back always for months. lt hurt to walk or climb stairs. I woke stiff and sore, couldn't raise my right leg to tie my shoe. My mobility had improved LOO% with only 5 visits. I can now tie my shoes and walk.

I don't have the pain down my leg and lower back is much better. I have experienced 100% improvement. OH YEAH, I WOULD RECOMMEND BACK TO HEALTH TO OTHERS."

- Marie McConkey, Goetzville, Ml

"I had neck pain and back pain for 5 years daily. lt was hard to get out of bed. I can now walk better and sit right. A lot of pressure has been relieved. lf I keep up with the maintenance I feel good. I have 80% improvement from before. I WOULD RECOMMEND BACK TO HEALTH TO OTHERS."

- Janice Rittenhouse, Kincheloe, Ml

"I had sore lower back degenerating disk pain daily for 4 years. I could not get out of bed without pain. I can now get out of bed and can do almost anything. I can now ride a bike which I could not do before. I now like living more comfortable. I have 75%improvement from before. I WOULD RECOMMEND BACK TO HEALTH TO OTHERS.

- Worley Rittenhouse, Kincheloe, Ml

"For me, Dr. Rick coming to Sault Ste. Marie and opening his practice has been a true live saver.

I was traveling 5 hours down to lower Michigan to see a chiropractor who practices the type of chiropractic and holistic services t receive at Back to Health. Before Dr. Rick came to town, I was in terrible spinal pain daily and also experienced debilitating migraine headaches at least twice per week.

Since I started seeing Dr. Rick a few months ago, I have had only one major migraine: (while my body was learning to adjust to consistent appropriate care) I have been able to wean off the pain medications I was taking daily and can honestly say I am pretty pain-free on most days.

I do have set backs but they are VERY few. When I do have a problem Dr. Rick and Gayle do all they can to get me in the office and get me back to 100%. lf you have any type of health concern you would most definitely benefit from a visit with Dr. Rick. His practice incorporates care that involves the "total person" for ultimate health care potential.

All I can really say is I am grateful every day for the opportunity to work with Dr. Rick and Gayle to he pain-free and have my life back again THANK you."

- Sandi King RN/MSN Assistant professor LSSU, Sault ste Marie, Ml

"I had back and neck and hip pain discomfort daily for months. I was always cranky and had hardly any sleep. Dr. Parissenti's adjustments care and vitamins changed that. I can sleep and do most everything better. I am more active. I have a g9% improvement. BY ALL MEANS I WOUTD RECOMMEND BACK TO HEALTH TO OTHERS."

- Rocco Paris, Sault Ste. Marie, Ml

"I had migraine headaches daily for 10 years and neck pain for 6 months. I had difficulty with all activities being in so much pain every day. Missing work due to migraines, i couldn't get out of bed some days.

I went to see Dr. Parissenti and now my migraines and neck pain are gone. I can do everything better now. My outlook on life has improved knowing I can do whatever I want whenever I want since I am no longer in pain. When I wake up in the morning my first thought isn't wondering how much pain l'm going to be in today because I know I won't be in pain at alt.


- Ranae Kerr, Sault Ste Marie, Ml

"I had extreme neck and upper pack pain causing migraines pretty much on a daily basis for the past 4-5 years. I was not able to sleep consistently and would wake with migraines.

THE MIGRAINES ARE COMPLETELY GONE. No more tingling in my fingers and I have greater range of motion. pretty much everything I do is PAlN FREE! I am more energetic and I have No more migraines. I have 100% lMPROVEMENT.


- James Fitz, Sault Ste Marie, Ml

"Back to Health Chiropractic really lived up to its name for me.

I started having intense pain in my lower back about 2 years ago now. I didn't think much of it because I have had pain in my hips since high school, until it became too painful to walk more than a block without starting to "seize up" and I started having problems with numbness and limited movement in my right leg. I decided to do something about it since I was eager to continue my active lifestyle after running cross country and track in college. I started seeing all sorts of doctors, since each would refer me to another after x-rays and MRIs led to limited results. I got referred to pain specialists and got three sets of different spinal steroid injections in different locations along my back without relief. l ended up getting desperate for answers after numerous physicians responded to me as either drug seeking or just complaining about nothing all too serious. I'm not the type to just go to a doctor for any simple little thing I ended up writing a letter to Mayo Clinic hoping to finally get some answers. I was originally rejected by the orthopedic department and received a letter back citing "unfortunately it does not sound like we would have anything to offer you at this point."

I gave up and just started dealing with the pain and actually had to take disability off work. About a month later, I got a packet in the mail, accepting me to the Neurology department at Mayo and included an appointment date. I was ecstatic! I have heard so many positive things about people getting help at Mayo Clinic and since I had been through so much I was really ready for some advice. I had been tested for MS, West Nile, and pretty much everything under the sun at this point. I was even told I had plaques on my brain MRI scan and ended up having my whole body MRI scanned numerous times, and countless x-rays. ln the end, I made it all the way to Mayo Clinic to simply have the physician look at me gimping across the room and state, "l don't know why you're here. This looks like more of an orthopedic issue. I couldn't believe it. I had typed up what must have been at least 4 pages long on my history and all the things I have been through when I requested the appointment. They had to have known at that point when the orthopedic department rejected my case! I couldn't believe another appointment led to not only a disappointing result, but a long trip in the car definitely did not help the pain. I also was very concerned financially after all these tests and only disability to cover some of them and no clue where to look next. Needless to say, after this I gave up again on seeing doctors, very discouraged and tired of being downplayed. Since I had gained so much weight during the pain I started watching for help.

One day on the way home, I noticed a sign advertising Weight Loss at Back to Health. I decided to call the number after a few days contemplating the possibility at home since I was so embarrassed. I had never had problems with reaching my goats and motivation before, but it couldn't hurt, right? I had heard so many negative opinions about my obesity leading to my back issues even though my BMI and fat percentage were average before my back issues started. I was very hesitant. Now looking back I'm not really sure what actually compelled me to take the step, but I'm very glad I did. I took a few steps into the office and Dr' Rick came out. He looked at how I was walking and right away not only gave me an answer but assured me we could make it better!

I've been seeing Dr. Rick since and proud to say I'm down 35lbs so far and essentially pain-free! I am starting to work out again like I was after college and started running again! I never would have thought during the time when it was difficult to walk a city block that I would be looking into races again' They have definitely helped me back to health physically and emotionally. Also, I am proud to say back to work as well.

Thanks, Dr. Rick and Jackie, Back To Health Chiropractic!"

- Chelsea Kreft, 25, Registered Nurse SSM


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